About Us

Friends of Africa is a global, cultural and educational not-for-profit organization helping underprivileged children and youth develop their natural potential and talent. FOA is working with local, national and global partners for the next generation of Africa. The organization was founded in Houston, Texas in December 2010.

Lorenz-Frisch-6880_webeditLorenz Frisch, Co-Founder

I believe that every child is born with a talent, and every child and youth should have the opportunity to develop their talent for a better life. Nutrition, the environment we grow up in, and education make a substantial difference in the development of a child. Every youth should find value in their local culture and social environment, and develop an appreciation for the place they come from. Relating to the place we come from is a basic need in our development of knowing where to go. Youth need all the support available from parents, family, friends, teachers, mentors and organizations to help them develop in what they love to do, so they can progress with unique knowledge and experience and become valuable contributors to society. It feels good to work for the Next Generation.

kate._webeditKate Bryant, President and Co-Founder

I grew up in Kenya where at an early age I empathized with the great percentage of the population engulfed in poverty. As a teenager, I had opportunities to interact with homeless children and felt a deep need to help. Since then, I’ve taken a keen interest in reasons for african poverty and more importantly how to develop Africa. I truly believe and hope that FOA’s mission for African children will help uplift the continent.

Liu_editAli Saleh, Program Director – East Africa

I was born and raised in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania where I completed my primary and secondary school education. It was throughout this experience that I appreciated the fortunes that surrounded me; especially on my way to and from school. I sympathized with those who didn’t have the opportunity to advance in life, to build their own future. I took it upon myself and swore to the best of my reach and ability that I shall give to those who are less fortunate, whether through knowledge, financially or just extend a helping hand. I believe Friends of Africa would be a great platform to help fulfill and accomplish this initiative.

aziza_webeditAziza Quartey, Program Director – West & Southern Africa

At times, due to circumstances, people are unaware of the next step to take in order to succeed. With FOA, we will reach out and guide the children towards the right direction, using their local resources and through mentorship. If at least one child is able to better themselves, in their environment, we have achieved a great thing. I am a strong believer in the well known African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” It takes contributions of various people to help in the growth of a child and help fulfill their dreams. It is very exciting to be a part of this organization.

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