KYFA Kisumu Museum 2

One child at a time: We are currently supporting individual children in Africa by finding resources in their respective locations to help nurture their areas of strength. The strides these children continue to make is on target and very encouraging.

Collaboration Projects:

  • Malayaka House Concept – We are working with the Malayaka house founder and local organizations to mirror the Malayaka success while still maintaining our focus on the FOA mission.
  • Mobile School in Samburu Kenya- With the guidance of a local teacher, we are seeking ways to reach the remote areas to help align his mission of teaching literacy with our mission.

AfroKidVenture: FOA platform through which children in the “diaspora” learn about their culture during play. Goals are:

  • Teach our culture responsibly; that is, expose these children to the African culture while embracing diversity.
  • Lay a foundation for a strong network among the kids; an network that may benefit from in the future.
  • Foster interaction through technology and home-made postcards with kids living in Africa for social awareness.
  • Raise funds for Friends of Africa through a 5 dollar per child donation and future projects that the kids may come up with. 100% of this contribution will go to the FOA children in Africa.

Future Projects:

  • Individual children in Kenya
  • Malayaka House concept
  • Samburu mobile school

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